"I used the Magneto Timing Detector today. What a brilliant device! The last occasion I timed a bike with a mag it was with a feeler gauge and it was nothing but hassle."

Tim Richards

"Hello Dave, just a short note to let you know I've refitted the armature into the mag housing and the sparks are just great, even when I spin it by hand, which is much slower than cranking speed. Many thanks."

Albert Pisani

"I just want to say thank you for doing a cracking job on my magneto and the advice and help you have provided. I'm new to vintage bikes and your help and fast service is most appreciated. When I was looking for someone to do my rewind, many people said be wary of who you go to. I'm happy to advise anyone to go to you."

Gary Hawksworth

"First of all I would like to thank you again for the EXCELLENT job you did on my 1938 Ariel Square Four magneto some years ago now. She has been running ever since. I did Liege-Nancy-Liege with the square four this year and she withstood temperatures of over 30 degrees celcius in downtown busy Nancy."

Michael Fritz, NL

"Hello, I just thought I would let you know the magneto you restored for me last year is now fitted to my bike and has done about 500 miles, and it looks and runs beautifully. Many thanks."

Neil Cocksedge

"Just a short message to say thanks for the BTH magneto rebuild. The bike was fired up today for the first time after a very long bike & engine build. It started first turn of the race turner and ran smoothly without any issues. It seems that the recommendations of Mick Hemmings and Fred Walmsley were well founded."

Graham Austen

"Dave, Just a line to say how pleased I am with the magneto you rebuilt for me, it has transformed the starting and running of my bike. So far, it has been a first kick affair, and has restored my faith in magneto ignition... I very nearly fitted electronic. I'm pleased your assurances regarding the performance of the SR1 have been proven."

Steven Boakes

"First class, courteous service, reasonable price, and an excellent job of refurbishing my 2 Magnetos. I am in awe of how they were transformed. (When I was preparing all the bits of the dismantled mags to be taken for refurbishment my wife thought they were going in the bin!) Many thanks."

Keith Marks, Edinburgh

"Just a brief thank you to say the dynamo (for BSA M21) arrived safely. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for your loving restoration. Worth every penny."

Andrew Jarvis, West Sussex

"Just a short note to say that the unit has been fitted and it has transformed the running of the bike. It is now a pleasure to ride as it starts first time (hot or cold), no more spluttering and it ticks over like a steam engine on full retard. Many thanks for a great job."

Bill Barnes

"Armature arrived okay. Looks splendid. Just fitted to mag body. I have been using this mag for over thirty years and it has never produced a spark as well as it does now!"

Hugh Rollett

"My parcel has arrived safely and I thank you most sincerely for the excellent work you have done. As always, I will recommend your expertise to the Velo Club members in Australia."

Ian Denholm, New South Wales

"I would like to thank you for the excellent overhaul you carried out on my BSA's EIC Magneto. It now looks like new. I have had several of my biking pals say 'how much?' and that they know someone's brother who knows someone from the pub who can do it for half that. But they seem to have to have theirs done twice, it's never ready when promised and it still does not work well when they get it back. I have just got back from the Banbury Run in which I was awarded a Gold Medal for keeping to the time set out for the run. Knowing the bike will fire up on the start line and will start first kick after I stop for fuel makes for a much more relaxing day out! Thanks for sorting it in time."

James Pibworth

"Just to let you know that the overhauled E3L dynamo has now been installed and is working fine. Thanks for a good job well done."

Geoff Weedon

"Just to say that the Mags arrived safely, many thanks indeed for your help over this matter. Even the bill was a pleasant surprise."

John Cole

"Hello D.L. Thanks for the dynamo repair. It looks really nice"

Jorn Andersen DK

"It seems like a long time since you repaired my Lucas K1F magneto. I am just writing to let you know that my 1954 Panther M75 had its engine running properly for the first time yesterday since 1972. The bike now starts first kick every time. Thank you for your superb service and I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends."

Martin Gater

"Just wanted to thank you for such a good job on Magneto and ATD refurb. As a result, she started on the second kick!! Sounds great as well."

Alan Higson

"Just a note to thank you very much for the exceptional service you rendered me Friday last when you sent the armature etc to me on that day, arrived 10am Saturday."

Richard Woolnough

"My Magneto has arrived safely and it has a huge spark! Good job as usual! Many thanks! Regards from Portugal."


"Just to let you know the MagDyno arrived last Friday, absolutely gleaming job, thanks very much."

Geordie Greener

"Thank you very much for your fast turn round and very efficient service. The mag is now installed and the bike is running well (the spark jumps the gap instead of falling off!) Thanks again from a very happy customer."

John Williams

BSA A10 in Somerset

"I would like to thank you for overhauling the Magneto! It looks fantastic! Well done and best regards from Austria!"

Dominik Schwarz

"Last week, I ordered a number of parts from you for my Lucas K1FC Magneto. The telephone advice was most helpful and practical, the parts were delivered promptly and were of excellent quality. The patient has now recovered fully and is up and running. Thank you so much for a first class service."

Roger Hinton

Customer from Norwich

"Thanks again for rebuilding my Magneto and Dynamo for my Norton 16H a few months ago. I have now done a fair few miles, including riding to Brooklands and back (two-up). We experienced extremely heavy rain, floods and broken-up roads but my 65 year old bike is now unstoppable in all adverse conditions - and I don't mean the brakes! In other words, I am very happy with my now reliable, easy-starting, battery-charging Norton. Thanks again."

James Pibworth

Customer from Bedford

"Just a little message to say thanks for doing a fantastic job with my Magneto. It looks great and works a treat! Once again, many thanks."

Phil Parkins

Customer from Ludlow

"I recently had a Magneto rebuilt by you - for my 1932 Scott. I am simply sending an email to say that the bike is finally up and going and the Magneto is great - plenty of sparks and reliable, smooth running. Thanks for a great job."

Tony Milbourn

"I have used no-one else but Dave Lindsley for my Magneto and Dynamo repairs.  We have used his excellent service for 20 years.
Top man – First Class service.”

Mick Hemmings

Mick Hemming Motorcycles,
Manx Grand Prix Award Winner

“Dave Lindsley has looked after my motorcycle Magnetos for over 30 years.  Booking my first International Classic Bike Show in 1980, he is the only trade stand to have attended every one since. Over the years, many similar firms have started up then faded away, while he has stood the test of time.  Past and present, I can unreservedly recommend Dave Lindsley for quality and service.”

Alan Whitehead

Founder of, and now Consultant for,
the International Classic Motorcycle Show

“To ensure reliability and trouble-free racing, I always use Dave Lindsley for my Magneto overhauls.”

Fred Walmsley

Fred Walmsley Developments,
Classic Racing Engine Tuner

“You recently refurbished my 1912 ML PMS “flick” Magneto.  As you know, this Magneto was in a well-worn state.  When it was returned to me, I was very pleased to find it had been refurbished to a very high standard, definitely ‘good as new’.  I would like to thank you for a job well done and at a fair price.”

Derek Baker

Long-standing Customer

“Unlike so many so-called “experts”, Dave understands the technical side of Magnetos and this is helpful, especially given the precise nature of racing machine Magnetos.”

Andy Molnar

Manx Norton Specialist