Armature Rewinding Service

When testing a Magneto sent in for overhaul, we often find that the Coil has started breaking down and needs rewinding.  We are able to carry out this service in-house, as we employ a skilled and experienced coil-winder who uses a modern coil-winding machine and the best of materials.

Armature Repair Service

Our Coil Winding Machine
Armature Rewinding Before & AfterArmature Rewinding Before & After

Armature Rewinding Before & After
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If you want to send us just your Armature, we can rewind the Coil and fit a new Condenser.
(If your Armature is mechanically damaged, we can repair/replace it for a supplement.
Our Armature Rewinds carry a 2-year guarantee.

Parts Catalogue

Details of the rewinds offered for Motorcycle Magneto Armatures can be found as the first items on the various Magneto Parts Lists in the Downloadable Catalogue.   

The Coil is the heart of the Magneto, and we take pride in doing an excellent job on our rewinds. Our coil-winder is not under any time pressure, but is allowed to take all the time and care necessary.