JG Electronic Regulators

The JG Electronic Regulator (6/12 volt Conversion) was invented in 1976, as the world’s first Regulator to enable a 6 volt Dynamo to work on 12 volts.  There is also a 6v version if you wish to leave your system on 6v, or a 12v version if your system is already on 12v.  All are available in positive or negative earth.

The JG Unit

The Full Range of JG Units

The Full Range of JG Units


The JG Unit also enables 3-brush Dynamos to be converted to 2-brush. (The 3rd brush was the early method of output control, but is vulnerable to undercharging or overcharging if not set up correctly.  Converting the Dynamo to 2-brush and using the JG Unit is the ideal method of regulation.)

The JG Unit comes in a die-cast box, which can be discretely positioned on your motorcycle, with the original regulator left on show.   If you have a Miller system, we offer a special JG Unit to either mount on your original Miller base, or we can supply a new base and cover. Contact us for assistance.

Parts Catalogue

For details about how to order JG Electronic Regulators for Motorcycles, see our Parts Catalogue.

We have been the sole distributor of the JG Unit for over 35 years, and have sold 35,000+ worldwide. For further information about JG Units, see Frequently Asked Questions.