Magneto Advance / Retard Options

If your Classic Motorcycle Magneto has an Automatic Timing Device (ATD), we offer a limited Repair Service. If it is too badly worn to repair, we have new ATDs available for some makes of motorcycle. We also supply some parts for ATDs. Contact us for assistance.

To buy new ATDs, or parts for ATDs, see the Parts Catalogue

Available Options

If your Magneto is currently Manual Advance / Retard, but is designed to take an ATD, we can often convert it back to Automatic, using a new ATD.

ATD Parts Manual Housing Parts

Magneto Advance / Retard Options
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Alternatively, we can convert Automatic Advance / Retard Magnetos to Manual. Contact us for assistance.

Parts Catalogue

If your Magneto has Manual Advance / Retard, we can supply housings, cables, plungers etc. for some models see the Parts Catalogue.