Magneto Timing Detector

At last, a device which allows you to determine the exact moment that the points on a Magneto open to create the ignition spark.  Forget the 1 thou feeler gauge and the cigarette paper!  With this unit, you can set the timing precisely, giving better engine performance. 

Magneto Reconditioning Before & After Magneto Reconditioning Before & After

Magneto Timing Detector
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How it works

Attach one lead from the Magneto Timing Detector to the centre points screw of the Magneto, and attach the other lead to earth anywhere on the Magneto body.  Rotate the armature slowly by hand and the red light will come on the moment the points open.  

We are often asked why you can’t set up a circuit with a simple battery and bulb to indicate the opening and closing of the points.  This is because, when the points open, the bulb finds its earth through the primary winding of the Magneto, which has a low resistance, and the bulb doesn’t go out.  Our Magneto Timing Detector is designed to differentiate between earth and the low-resistance primary winding.

The Magneto Timing Detector is supplied with full instructions and a leatherette storage pouch and is fitted with a 9v battery. (Please remove the leads when not in use to preserve battery life.)

For details of how to order a Magneto Timing Detector, see our Parts Catalogue