How to Arrange an Overhaul

Should you wish us to overhaul a Magneto, Dynamo or Regulator, this is the procedure:

1)  Contact us to ensure that we are able to undertake the work on your unit.

2)  Send the unit to us. Please pack up Magnetos and Dynamos well, in a large, sturdy box - much larger than the unit itself.  We suggest wrapping it in several layers of corrugated cardboard, then nestling it firmly in the box, using lots of crumpled newspaper.  Bubble wrap is okay but, again, use lots of it. Do not use shredded paper or polystyrene chips, as these tend to shift about, exposing the unit to damage. Seal the box well and label clearly, putting your name & address on the outside of the parcel. Please enclose full contact details, including phone no., and any relevant information about the unit.

Or you can deliver it in person, please contact us to make an appointment.

3)  We will test it and strip it, then contact you with details of the work required, an estimate of the cost, and completion date.

4)  No work is done until you approve the estimate.

5)  When the job is completed, we will contact you to finalize payment details, see “How to Pay” below.

6)  We arrange Delivery at your convenience, see “Postage & Packing” below.  Or, you can collect from us.

7)  Your overhauled unit will carry a 2-year Guarantee. This is very flexible, as we realize many Magnetos and Dynamos are not fitted to the machine immediately because, for example, of restoration of the rest of the machine.

How to Order Parts

For Motorcycle Parts, please refer to our Downloadable Catalogue, where you will find detailed information and a printable Order Form (p.12).

You may also order by email to Dave@davelindsley.co.uk

Simply provide:

  • The DL part no.
  • A brief description of the part
  • Quantity required

  • If you are unsure about any of the items, contact us.

How to Pay

Please FAX or PHONE your Credit Card details (Debit Card preferred in UK).

This includes:

  • Card number (long number on the front of the card)
  • Expiry date (month and year)
  • 3 security no.s from rear (The last 3 digits on the signature strip)
  • Start date and issue no. (If given on the card)

For security reasons, please do not send credit card details by email.

You may also pay by sending us a cheque, by cash if you visit us in person, or by bank transfer from overseas. Please contact us to arrange.

We do not have a PayPal account.

If ordering parts, you can fill in payment details on the Order Form on p.12 of the Downloadable Catalogue.


Our Parts List prices do not include VAT.  VAT will be charged at 20% for customers in the UK & EC.

No VAT is payable by VAT registered EC customers (please give VAT No.) or by customers outside the EC.

Our VAT number is - GB 150-5069-90

Import Duty & Customs Declarations

If you are outside the EC, and send a Magneto, Dynamo etc. to us for Overhaul, please write on the Customs Declaration Form: "NOT SOLD. Being sent to the UK for repair and then being returned to owner." This should mean that import duty is not applied when it arrives in the UK.

When we send a parcel from the UK to a customer outside the EC - either a returned job or a parts order - you may have to pay Import Duty when receiving it. You will need to check the details of this at your end. Please do not ask us to declare a lower-than-actual value on the customs forms to try to avoid import duty. We are not prepared to do this.

Please note that, unfortunately, we are not able to trade with the USA and Canada.

Postage & Packing to UK

We send Parts out by Royal Mail 1st Class (+ Postal Insurance where necessary).

The Post Office has recently made their scale of charges ridiculously complicated, based on the size, shape, thickness and weight of a package. For simplicity, we give below indicative P&P charges. If your package is particularly small or light (eg. 'Large Letter' size), or particularly bulky and heavy, we will adjust the charges accordingly.

Note that, in the UK & EC, we have to charge VAT on Postage & Packing charges.

Orders up to:

  • £10 = £3.50 P&P
  • £50 = £4.50 P&P
  • £100 = £6.00 P&P
  • Over £100 = £8.00 P&P. (+VAT)

Please use this scale of charges if paying by cheque so you can easily add P&P to the Total amount due when you place your order.

We send Parcels over 2kg by Parcel Force 24-hour Service. A signature is required on receipt – you can ask us to have the parcel delivered to you c/o another address where there will be someone in to sign. 

Postage & Packing to Overseas   

If we are sending Parts out to you, packages under 2 kg can be sent Airmail. (We will use International Signed For or Airsure services where necessary.)

Indicative P&P charges for standard Air Mail (in GBP). (There will be extra charges for International Signed For or Airsure services.)


  • Up to 0.5kg = £6.00
  • 0.5kg to 1kg = £9.00
  • 1kg to 1.5kg = £12.00
  • 1.5kg to 2kg = £15.00 (+VAT)


Rest of World:

  • Up to 0.5kg = £9.00
  • 0.5kg to 1kg = £14.50
  • 1kg to 1.5kg = £20.00
  • 1.5kg to 2kg = £26.00

If the total weight of your Parts Order is more than 2kg, we will split it into more than one package so we can use Airmail. (Packages over 2kg would have to be sent by ParcelForce Worldwide, which is more expensive.) 

Note that no single item in our Parts Catalogue would weigh more than 2kg.

When we return an Overhauled Unit to you, and if the parcel weighs over 2kg, which is most likely, it will be sent by ParcelForce Worldwide service. ( Their scale of charges is complex, so we will confirm the P&P charges at the time of giving you the estimate for the overhaul.)

PLEASE NOTE - we are not able to send parcels overseas by any carrier other than ParcelForce Worldwide as the paperwork involved in using an alternative carrier is too time-consuming.

We hope this information helps, and we look forward to receiving your order.